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Mr. Vyas is backed by over 22 years' experience in the building industry as a civil engineer and now leads a team of capable builders in constructing and renovating high-end architecturally-designed commercial and residential properties.

He is across all facets of the business and maintains a direct focus on managing project delivery teams to ensure that the correct resources are allocated accordingly, costs are controlled, safety is of the highest standard and projects are delivered on time and in accordance with specification.

Mr. Vyas is well-respected in the building industry, demonstrated through the strong relationships he has established with architects and with numerous recurrent clients. His proven skill and success are represented by the numerous accolades he has received for his work.

With his ethos of approaching projects systematically Mr. Vyas has set himself a goal to put up developments all across the East African region with a focus on creating and maintaining long-term relationships with clients, trade partners and the design community.

His future goals look to combine his passion for constructing landmark projects and becoming a regional real estate developer with buildings across East Africa that capture his essence of timeless style and quality.

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